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Slow Your Aging. We're Not Kidding.

All of us age, but why not age slower? With recent advances in medicine, we're discovering more and more therapeutics for diseases like heart disease, dementia, cancer, and now finally aging. Every passing year in medical school and residency, I was noticing just how much I was aging. As I reached my late 20s, I realized I was feeling and looking older. I spent many evenings after my shifts pondering the question - how can I age more slowly and even more importantly, how could I reverse certain aspects of aging? I started to dive deep into the cellular pathways that are theorized to cause aging instead of standing by and watching it happen. And so over the last 3 years, I started to gain an expertise in the physiologic and genetic changes that lead to the aging process. With a Masters Degree (M.S.) in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry and a Medical Doctorate (M.D.) with a focus on cellular and molecular mechanisms, I have been well positioned to understand and implement the latest research has to offer into the processes that can slow our aging. But, I am not alone in trying to slow aging. Medical school professors like David Sinclair, PhD at Harvard, and research institutions like the National Institutes of Health and the Buck's Institute, as well as numerous others are all trying to spread knowledge on the anti-aging processes, and we've all come to the same conclusions. 


Below you'll find certain therapeutics that I offer my patients. For the last year, I (and my family) have been experimenting with these very specific medications and supplements to slow our aging with fantastic results. I'm finally ready to offer these same therapies to my patients, under my own consultation and guidance.


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With all this said, I caution anyone who goes out to buy supplements online or medications like metformin without a prescription. Aging is a pathology much like any other disease, and the most effective way to slow it down is through the guidance of a physician. At Haig MD, we'll do a detailed medical screening prior to enrolling you into our medication regimen (the exact same medication and supplement regimen that I and my family members take daily with dosages that vary depending on your age and health). We will also supply you with all the supplements/medications you need (no need to order untested supplements yourself or go to the pharmacy) and will arrange followup appointments every 3 months in addition to being available 24/7 for questions. I, and many of my family members, that I've started on this regimen can attest to the benefits we've felt. I welcome (and recommend) you research this all for yourself, and if interested, to join us in our quest for longevity. 



Metformin is widely known for improving glucose regulation as well as whole-body insulin sensitivity [1], [2], without causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The health benefits of Metformin have been heralded since its earliest uses as a first line of treatment for Type 2 Diabetes over sixty years ago [3], [4]. In recent years, however, the positive effects of Metformin on aging related processes have been observed in numerous landmark studies, demonstrating its therapeutic benefits with cardiovascular disease [5], [6], [7], obesity [8], fertility [9], as well as its antioxidant [10] and anti-inflammatory properties [11], [12], [13]. In one study, diabetics on Metformin were shown to live 15% longer than healthy individuals not on metformin [14]!


Because of these significant findings, there is newfound attention on Metformin’s anti-aging and longevity benefits [15], [16]. The process of aging is complex, but metformin's ability to prevent DNA damage, act as a neuroprotective agent by improving oxygen/glucose deprivation stressors [17], and reduce all-cause mortality associated with diseases that accelerate aging [18], has made it clear that Metformin is one of the most effective tools we currently have against aging. 

After hundreds of studies and all the evidence mounting to metformin's benefits, who wouldn't want take metformin? Metformin is a very safe medication, but it does require a prescription. This is important because people with specific kidney and liver problems can have significant side effects when taking this medication. Haig MD is one of the few physicians who understands the role of Metformin in slowing aging and prescribes this medication at tailored doses for this specific use. 

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Anatomical Model

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)


Anti-aging supplement NMN, also known as nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a precursor to NAD+, a critical coenzyme involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, including helping turn nutrients into energy as well as helping proteins that regulate cellular functions [19], [20]. NMN's role in anti-aging is theorized to be due to its mitochondrial metabolic improvements, leading to less oxidative stress on your cells, including stem cells. NMN has also been associated with suppressing age-related weight gain, enhancing physical activity, improving insulin sensitivity, and more importantly, preventing age-linked changes in gene expression [21]. It has even been shown to improve cognitive function [22] and rejuvenate bone tissue stem cells [23]. As we age, NAD+ is used up and becomes depleted in our bodies, and this is thought to contribute heavily to the accelerated aging you see as you get older. Preventing this process and attaining the above benefits can be increased by supplementing with NMN [24]. Supplementing NMN may seems simple, but because it is expensive to produce, recent studies haven show that most manufacturers selling to the public on Amazon and other online retailers have been selling fake compounds, but labeling them as NMN, despite hundreds and thousands of 5 star reviews [25]. Our Haig MD NMN supplements are batch tested by third party labs to ensure quality, purity, and potency and are the exact same ones that I and my family members take daily.



The French Paradox has long been a well known medical anomaly. The French, despite eating a diet high in saturated fats, have significantly low levels of heart attacks or vascular disease [26], [27]. Because of recent studies, it is now thought that this is due to their moderate wine consumption, which has been shown to decrease oxidative stress and enhance antioxidant capacities [28]. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes used to make red wine, is what is thought to be the key component that confers these benefits. Resveratrol exhibits a wide range of beneficial properties, including potent antioxidant functions, as well as anti-inflammatory,  anti-frailty, and anti-aging qualities [29]. Because of many of these factors, Resveratrol may be a promising supplement in lowering blood pressure and improve cardiac function, as well as decreasing LDL cholesterol oxidation [30]. In the area of anti-aging, Reservatrol has shown impressive life-prolonging properties, resembling the effect of caloric restriction [31], and has been liked to delaying or preventing age related diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes [32], and cardiovascular disease [33]. Even in small doses, like that in red wine, resevratrol can have significant positive effects. Based on recent research though, you wouldn't be able to drink enough wine to get the specific anti-aging effects. With this in mind, one capsule of our Haig MD Resveratrol supplement has the same amount of resveratrol as 1000 glasses of wine. 

Wine and Cheese

We've found that these 3 components, when supplemented daily, can help to significantly slow the aging process (in addition to providing a multitude of other benefits). But don't leave it up to us - take your time and research all of this for yourself. When you're ready to start your quest to slow aging, click below to have your free consultation with Haig MD. 

Ready to Slow Your Aging?

Note: Rollout of our Anti-Aging program will be limited to a small number of people given the strict quality control of our products and the close followup we provide. We expect to have increased capacity in early 2023.

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